“We ought to be entitled to know who received on November 3,” he advised reporters throughout a go to to his marketing campaign headquarters on Election Day.

Nope! That is not it in any respect!

What we’re entitled to as a democratic nation is that everybody who solid a poll beneath the principles decided by their state can have full religion in the truth that their vote shall be counted.

That is it. That is democracy.  

What Trump is attempting to do with feedback like these — not to point out his fact-free assertions that if a winner is not introduced tonight the vote is in some way “rigged” — present fodder to clarify away a possible loss.

Trump has by no means been somebody who can settle for defeat, selecting as an alternative to create an alternate actuality through which his enterprise failures have been strikes of strategic brilliance, his bankruptcies have been proof of his smarts and his many setbacks over his first time period as President have been proof that the “deep state” hated how a lot of a menace he was to them.

This newest push by Trump to invalidate votes in locations like Pennsylvania and Texas that have been lawfully solid is merely in step with the unending excuse machine that is our present President.

If Trump loses — and that is an “if” as a result of he is proven an uncanny capacity to over-perform expectations, it will likely be as a result of the American public determined that they wished to go in a distinct route after 4 years of the billionaire businessman. Not as a result of he was in some way cheated out of the presidency.

The Level: Election Day is the day we’re reminded that the folks have the facility to select our leaders and the route this nation heads. Do not let Trump (or anybody else) change that truth for their very own egocentric political functions.