Kaleigh’s wedding ceremony day has arrived, and Courtney is frightened about how the sextuplets will behave on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the brand new ‘Candy Home Sextuplets.’

“I believe I’m extra wired about having my 6 infants in Kaleigh’s wedding ceremony than I used to be earlier than my very own wedding ceremony,” Courtney Waldrop says on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 7 episode of Candy Home Sextuplets. “Kaleigh set the bar excessive when she requested for six infants to stroll down the aisle. They’re infants and we would like them to go down the aisle, however they might not wish to go down the aisle.”

Courtney’s plan to verify all the things runs easily as doable is that she and Emily will go to the entrance aisle and “lure the infants” down the aisle. Courtney admits that she doesn’t assume that the infants are going to make it down the aisle. Abruptly, Tag is the one main the best way.

‘Candy Home Sextuplets’ stars Courtney and Eric Waldrop with their 9 cute children! (TLC)

This takes Courtney and Eric Waldrop abruptly since Tag is often very shy. Courtney thought Blu or Layke could be the one to stroll down the aisle first. “However Tag simply comes virtually working. He was so proud, after which about midway down the aisle…” Courtney continues. When Tag realizes how many individuals are round, he actually begins working to his mother. He’s the primary Waldrop sextuplet to make it down the aisle.

Blu, Layke, Rivers, and Rayne observe Tag down the aisle. Rawlings doesn’t budge. She stays within the again together with her dad. Courtney is so proud that she acquired 5 out of 6 infants down the aisle at Kaleigh’s wedding ceremony. That’s higher than she ever anticipated! She is so excited over how her little ones did on Kaleigh’s massive day.

The Waldrop sextuplets have been born in December 2017. They’re now 2 years outdated! (TLC)

“In case you went again and tried to do this once more, they might not fall for that,” Eric notes after the marriage. You bought that proper! Candy Home Sextuplets airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC after all-new episodes of Counting On.