Here’s a point-by-point breakdown.

Trump stated, “Hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of individuals voted for us tonight, and a really unhappy group of individuals is attempting to disenfranchise that group of individuals. And we can’t stand for it.”

Details First: That is false. Whereas Trump did not determine the “very unhappy group of individuals,” his opponents and elections officers weren’t attempting to “disenfranchise” — deprive of the suitable to vote — the Trump supporters who voted for him. Democratic leaders had been merely calling for all of the votes to be counted.

Trump stated, “We had been preparing for a giant celebration, we had been successful every thing, and all of a sudden, it was simply known as off.”

Details First: That is false; Trump was by no means “successful every thing.” On the time Trump spoke, Trump and Biden had been each projected by main media shops to win a number of states, with a number of key states nonetheless too near name. (Media calls are unofficial; official outcomes come later, from governments across the nation.)

Trump stated, “We had been on the brink of win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.”

Details First: That is false, no less than on the time Trump spoke. Whereas Trump might effectively show victorious as soon as the votes are counted, neither he nor opponent Joe Biden had but reached the 270 electoral votes essential for a victory; outstanding media shops had not projected a winner in key states together with Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump stated, “It is also clear that we’ve received Georgia.” He added that, given his margin on the time, “They’re by no means gonna catch us. They cannot catch us.”

Details First: We aren’t aware of Trump’s inside vote modeling, but it surely was not “clear” from the vote rely on the time he spoke that he had received Georgia. With votes remaining to be counted from some strongly Democratic areas, it was nonetheless mathematically attainable for Biden to catch him.

Trump stated, “Most significantly, we’re successful Pennsylvania by an incredible quantity.” (It seemed like he might have added “of votes,” however he was drowned out by applause.)

Details First: This was extremely deceptive. Whereas Trump was main in the Pennsylvania vote rely on the time, the result in the state was fully unsure as a result of there have been a whole lot of hundreds of votes remaining to be counted from strongly Democratic areas, together with Philadelphia.

Trump stated, “we’re successful Michigan,” then, moments later, stated, “we received” Michigan.

Details First: It was false that Trump had “received” Michigan on the time. Once more, a whole lot of hundreds of votes remained to be counted in the state.

Trump stated, “And all of a sudden, I stated what occurred to the election? It is off. And we’ve all these announcers, saying, ‘What occurred?’ After which they stated, ‘Ohhh.’ As a result of what occurred? They knew they could not win, so that they stated, ‘Let’s go to courtroom.'”

Details First: That is false — although additionally so obscure it is laborious to know precisely what Trump was saying. No person known as off the election. Democrats did file varied pre-election lawsuits associated to voting guidelines, however so did Republicans.

Trump stated, “This can be a fraud on the American public.”

Details First: That is false. There was no proof of any important fraud on the time he spoke. Counting the votes isn’t fraud.

Trump stated, “We would like the regulation for use in a correct method. So we’ll be going to the US Supreme Courtroom. We would like all voting to cease. We do not need them to search out any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the listing, okay?”

Details First: That is false. Voting had been over for hours on the time Trump spoke. What was nonetheless taking place was the counting of votes — which at all times continues previous Election Day.